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Following the revolution in the field of information technology for the welfare of digital Bangladesh, the first full-fledged online news portal “Today Hours” from Khulna, the South Bengal and divisional city of Bangladesh, started its journey on 29 August 2021, with the promise of meeting the needs of the readers. Now, todayhours.com is one of the most famous online web portals. It is an open Digital Platform for news and information.

Shaikh Sazzadul Islam Is the publisher of this news portal

This is what Bangladesh acquired in exchange for a sea of ​​blood. To build a happy, prosperous, non-discriminatory, and non-community Bangladesh, it is necessary to have a free flow of thoughts, information, opinions, and discussions from society. What is needed is ethical, responsible, and professional journalism of the highest quality.

In the spirit of the great liberation war, “Today Hours” delivers factual news to a large number of young and experienced journalists at home and abroad with countless Bengali-speaking readers. We publish news impartially with a predominance of principles, ideals, maximum professionalism.

The “Today Hours” has already gained a wide readership with its 24-hour news updates, features, images, and a variety of online news and analytics with its promise to provide accurate news first. The interest of readers in the news portal grows day by day due to the connectivity of 20 Thousand readers on the Facebook page, the opportunity to easily read the latest news on smartphones through this site besides laptops, and also through other social networks.

We are inflexible on the question of politics. Our goal is to present honest information. We want to move forward with that goal in mind. Your cooperation and thoughtful feedback will always inspire and enrich us.

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